Ein paar Stunden in der Suppenküche der Elisabethinen ermöglichten der 6CE-Klasse Erfahrungen der besonderer Art. Fazit einer Schülerin: „Die Begegnung mit weniger privilegierten Menschen zeigt, dass man sich der Möglichkeiten, über die man täglich verfügt, viel mehr bewusst sein sollte.“

Volunteering at a Soup Kitchen 

My class, the 6ce, and I spent the day with the Elisabethinen a few weeks ago! During a short presentation we learnt about the aims of the organisation and how the sisters of the Elisabetinen-convent as well as volunteers help people in the best way they can. Their hospital is located in Ungargasse and a few streets further one can find a soup kitchen. At the Elisabethbrot my class prepared sandwiches and warm meals for the families and people who are in need of food. Passing the food out was an experience we all agree, we should have had much earlier!
By coming face to face with people less privileged than us we were taught that we should be more aware of all the opportunities we have been given every day. A warm meal might sound guaranteed for us, but for some people a sandwich is the only food they get all day.
And so I want to thank everyone who was part of this process and made it possible for us to be a part of a greater us! 

Sienna (6CE)